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Mattias Wadenstein -, +46-90-197667
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Umeå, Sweden - Friday, December 18, 1998.
The AAA Awards are back - better than ever! Featuring new national awards in Belgium, Spain and the United Kingdom, it's now time to give us YOUR opinion at !

The Categories

These are this year's categories, which we are happy to receive YOUR suggestions for! For new categories, we've given a brief account of the user group responsible.

"The awards should go to he/she/that/those which/who has/have done the greatest achievement in contributing to the upkeeping of AMIGA® values during the past year."

AAA Award International

AAA Award Belgium - NEW!
Waaslandia Amiga-Only Club
Waaslandia Amiga-Only Club is the oldest Amiga user group in Belgium, and also the biggest one at the moment. Waaslandia has organised two Amiga shows in 1998: ComputerShow 98 and InfoMedia '98. We are planning other Amiga fairs in the future. Together with the AAA Awards team we have decided to organise the next Belgian AAA Awards. We hope to receive a positive reaction from the Belgian Amiga people.

AAA Award Spain - NEW!
Amiga Users Club of Spain
The "Amiga Users Club of Spain" is a non-profit organization for promoting Amiga computing and helping Spanish speaking Amiga users. The club is trying to accomplish it's goals by organizing gatherings ("Radykal Party") and publishing a magazine in Spanish ("Amiga Channel"), and another in English ("AmiChannel News").

AAA Award Sweden

AAA Award UK - NEW!
AmigaSoc are the official UGN representatives for the UK and provide a range of on-line services for helping people to track down their local user group or finding people suitable for the creation of new groups. We also provide an Amiga dealer locator and a free on-line classifieds section. We provide a free on-line advice service for UK Amigans. We organised the 1997 WOA Hammersmith Developers' Conference and all the seminars for the 1998 WOA Hammersmith show.

Get your suggestions to us at
+46-90-71 00 20 (open 24 hrs)

The next Amiga Format will also include a mail-in form which you can use!

Closing date: February 10, 1999.

Contact Information

AAA Award International - The AAA Awards Committee

AAA Award Belgium - Waaslandia Amiga-Only Club

AAA Award Spain - Amiga Users Club of Spain

AAA Award Sweden - Amiga Computer Group

AAA Award UK - AmigaSoc


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