CAD-Technologies and Impulse Announce Expanded Imagine Support

From: Martin McKenzie (CAD-Technologies) and Mike Halvorson (Impulse).

Date: January 02, 1999

Subject: Imagine for Amiga announcement


We are pleased to announce that we have entered into an agreement that will see CAD-Technologies provide an Imagine for Amiga support WEB site, and also become the official worldwide distributor(*) for Imagine on the Amiga platform.

(*) - Except North/South America & Japan, where Impulse still handles distribution.


Amiga Imagine users will benefit from having a dedicated official support area; Latest news, product information, downloads, tutorials, ordering information etc, is available at:

We would also like to take this opportunity to inform that Imagine for the Amiga is still in active development. The Constant Upgrade Program is underway, as we work towards the new Version6 release. (V5.14 is the current version)

Members of the C.U.P. have benefited with additions being implemented to date including (but not limited to):

PowerPC support,
Updated GUI,
Optimized procedural textures for 68040 & 68060 CPU's,
Imagine executable rendering and editing enhancements,
Standard filerequesters,
External picture & animation viewer support with
preview quickrenders in upto 24Bit,
Further details are available on the support site.

Many suggestions from users on the Imagine mailing list have already been implemented, with more to come in future update releases.

The costs for Imagine updates are as follows:

Version5 to Version6 upgrade       = $100
Any other Imagine version to V6    = $200
Cross-grade from other 3D software = $please ask

Payment can be accepted with either Credit card, Cash, Cheque, or Postal order.

Full ordering information is available on the support site.

We're very happy that this new agreement has been reached between us. The partnership will allow us to bring the very best tools to you, the artists who appreciate the tools we make.

Imagine for Amiga support site:

Questions or comments can be emailed to:

Impulse (America & Japan distribution)

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