Amiga Informer Magazine Merges with Amazing Computing/Amiga

Joint Press Release from Eldritch Enterprises and PiM Publications, January 5, 1999.

PiM Publications, publishers of Amazing Computing/Amiga, and Eldritch enterprises, publishers of The Amiga Informer, are proud to announce that they have combined their efforts into one publication. This magazine will maintain the Amazing Computing/Amiga title and continue to be distributed through PiM Publications. Fletcher Haug, the Editor-in-chief of The Amiga Informer, will join the staff of Amazing and bring with him many of the resources from The Informer. "It is vital that the Amiga community retain a print publication in North America," said Haug. "By combining the efforts of The Informer and Amazing, I feel we will be able to give our readers and the community a stronger publication that combines the best qualities of both magazines. I am looking forward to working with PiM Publications on this project."

Since North America was served by Amazing Computing/Amiga and The Amiga Informer, both magazines were in competition for the same advertising dollars and subscribers. In recent months, it has become clear the North American Amiga would benefit from a single newsstand distributed publication. "These are critical times for the Amiga marketplace as Amiga Inc. prepares the Next Generation Amiga and OS 3.5 remains in development," stated Amazing's Managing Editor, Don Hicks. "We believe the best way to serve this industry is to combine our efforts and build a stronger communication network from the two publications. With this alliance, we can offer Amiga vendors an unparalleled opportunity to the Amiga marketplace in North America while giving our readers the best possible service."

The Amiga Informer magazine was launched in April, 1996 and grew to be a respected publication providing Amigans with insightful information and news compiled by freelance authors worldwide. Issue 17 of The Amiga Informer was recently released and it will be the last issue printed. As part of the arrangement between Amazing and The Informer, PiM Publications will fulfill any outstanding subscriptions from The Informer with issues of Amazing Computing/Amiga. Eldritch Enterprises closed as a business, effective December 31, 1998. Further information will soon become available at The Amiga Informer website ( and the Amazing Computing website (

Amazing Computing/Amiga was the world's first monthly Amiga magazine and remains the longest running Amiga publication. For over 13 years, AC has provided the Amiga community with balanced, thoughtful reporting on the Amiga market. The AC staff has also been instrumental in providing video tapes and transcripts of the major events in the Amiga community. With the combined efforts of Amazing's Amazing Authors and The Amiga Informer's quality staff, the Amiga community has an opportunity to build an even better future publication.

We hope that the combining of Amazing Computing/Amiga and The Amiga Informer will prove to make a stronger publication that can continue to serve the Amiga community and carry it to the next level of Amiga computing. With the combined efforts of both magazines' staff focused in the same direction, we believe that the community will be better served and will continue to get the information it needs to move forward to the future.


Fletcher Haug, The Amiga Informer Magazine

Don Hicks, Amazing Computing/Amiga

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