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Amiga 99 - Screen Saver & Art Contest!

January 4, 1999

Amigan-St. Louis, producers of the Gateway Computer Show-Amiga 99 are pleased to announce a Graphic and Programming Contest! In cooperation with Amiga, Inc, who have agreed to help sponsor this contest, we have come up with a contest that will help the Amiga, and create some fun and excitement.

Here are the basics...

Graphics and Programming Contest

Brought to you by Amigan-St. Louis with thanks to Amiga Inc.

Rules on the Graphics and Programming Contest

All entries must be sent to:
Amigan-St. Louis
Graphics & Programming Contest
P.O. Box 672
Bridgeton, MO 63044

No entries will be accepted that are postmarked after Feburary 20, 1999. They must be received by March 1, 1999 to be entered into contest.

There are two sections to this contest.

1. Graphics
2. Programming

All decisions of the judges are final. Note: Judges only read the English language.

More than one category may be entered by the same person.

All entries must be plainly marked with:

Title of entry
Number disks or zip cartridges (i.e.: 1 of 1, or 1 of 3 etc.)
Name of person entering
Address of person entering
Phone number of person entering.
Email address of person entering if one is available.


Boing Ball Express
1 of 1
by John Doe
1 Amiga Lane
Amigaville, SD. 11111

Entries can be LhA or JPG to save disk space. They may be sent in on floppies, or zip cartridge. If sending floppies, send two sets, in case of damage. Pack contents carefully.

Disks and zip cartridges will not be returned. They become the property of Amigan-St. Louis.

All entries, including programs, pics, slides, and anims must be declared as Public Domain.

Updates or changes to rules will be posted on web page only at: No notice of changes is required. It is up to the participant to keep abreast of the rules. We will try to keep changes to a minimum.

Please use a virus checker before and while doing all this work. Work submitted containing a virus will be disallowed.

Awards will be presented at the closing of Amiga 99, March 14, 1999. Although we would like all participants to attend, we realize some cannot due to distance, cost and other problems. If a participant wins, and is not present, a check in U.S. FUNDS will be mailed to the address given on contest entry. All taxes are the responsibility of the winner.

Details... a little more on the Graphic Development...Pics Slides & Anims

Each of the three Graphics winners will receive: $100

All images must be a (minimum of) 640 x 480 screen. (Standard VGA

A minimum of 256 colors, or 256 shades of grey is acceptable. In other words, you can draw a black and white picture for the contest, but it must be on at least a 256 color screen.

Subject matter must be viewable by all ages. (This is a "G" contest folks!)

Images themes can be Amiga Computer related, although it is not restricted to that.

Sound is optional, but will enhance your chances of winning.

There are three (3) categories of Graphics:

Pic: Pics shown independently of others. (A stand alone picture complying with the IFF, GIF, TIF, HAM, Ham8 or similarly accepted formats.)

Slide Show Pics: Pics shown in conjunction with others. (eg: Subject could depict the ease of adding an Amiga peripheral, such as an accelerator board.) Again, Pics must comply with the IFF, GIF, TIF, HAM, Ham8 or similar format guidelines.

Animations: A series of pics following the anim, anim7 or anim8 guidelines. Anims are not to exceed 1 minutes or 1.2 Meg file size.

A "Thumbnail" of each pic, slide show or animation is requested.

On the Programming... A Screen Saver Program.

Prize for best program is $200.

Program will be judged for it's ability to:

Show pics, slide shows and animations in the Graphics contest. It must support, but is not limited to: IFF, GIF, TIF, PNG, HAM and Ham8. i.e.; minimum of 256 colors on 640 x 480 VGA screen. Animations, conforming to the anim, anim7 and anim8 standards must be supported.

Program must have the ability of playing sound.

Program must be easy to operate.

Program must work with Amiga workbench 3.x.

Entry into contest is agreement that the program is public domain. It's author must state so in the initial code.

Entry into contest is agreement that program can be used and distributed by: Amiga Inc. and Amigan-St. Louis free of charge with no royalties or fees, now or in the future.

Optional - For more credit, add some or all of the following features:

Program should load all of the above pics, slides and anims from uncompressed or compressed forms.

Provide menu options with keyboard equivalents that comply with the Amiga standards.

Provide support for 8 bit sound.

Provide support for 16 bit sound.

Provide on-line help when "Help" key is pressed.

Provide support for menus. Examples are listed below.

Open (Load)
Open (Load) recent
Save As

Provide support for current graphic cards:

Picasso II, IV
CyberVision64/3D and CyberVision PPC
GVP Spectrum 2mb card

Provide support for ARexx.

We all hope this will create some fun and excitement. Let's see how many folks can create some good programming and artwork for the show. Good Luck to all.

If you have any questions, please email me at:

Bob Scharp
Amigan-St. Louis

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