Alive Mediasoft Announces Two New Games

Goal! Season 98-99

Goal! Season 98-99 is the latest installment in this excellent football series. Alive mediasoft will soon be releasing the latest update for Goal! which features all the new teams from The Premier League through to the Third Division, as well as the best of the European and international teams. You also now have the option to play league and cup competitions.

New screenshots and information will be available very soon.

Phoenix Fighters

Alive mediasoft's latest signing is an exciting little number called Phoenix Fighters. You will see from the screenshots that PF is an overhead shoot-em up game.

Until you get to see the demo running, you can't fully appreciate this. PF has incredibly high speed, super smooth scrolling. This really is a pleasure to play. There are many different missions to play - and I do mean many! The main objective is clearly to reach the exit, but along the way you are set smaller missions and tasks which you must acheive before you can progress to the next stage.

There's also a Race mode. This is a high-paced, high adrenalin mode where you race a computer controlled opponent to the exit.

There's also an obstacle course mode where you must fly around collecting gems and bringing them back to base.

One of the best features is the Dog Fight Mode. I don't think the title needs an explanation, but for those who haven't played many flight games before, this is one of the best ways to test your skill - against a friend (or enemy!)

All the modes are excellent, but then there's the added bonus of being able to play any mode in a split-screen fashion so two of you can play against each other on the same Amiga and same monitor.

A full feature list and demo will be available soon.

Steven Flowers


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