Aircraft Simulator Time Among Amiga99 Door Prizes

Amiga 99 -Door Prizes!

January 18, 1999

Door Prizes! Yes, everyone loves door prizes. Amigan-St. Louis, producers of the Gateway Computer Show-Amiga 99 are pleased to announce a major addition to our already exceedingly nice selection of door prizes.

Two 1/2 hour periods of 727 simulator time, in a real airline simulator.

TWA has graciously rented us two 30 minute periods in their Boeing 727 aircraft simulator at St. Louis as door prizes. Winners of either of these door prizes will be escorted to the TWA training department at midnight, Saturday evening, just after the banquet to experience the trill of a lifetime.

Imagine being at the controls of a real aircraft simulator. Any of us who have enjoyed flying the computer simulators can only imagine the thrill of handling this gigantic piece of hardware. Now two lucky winners will actually get behind the controls of TWA's 727 airline simulator. The same kind that airlines all over the world use to train their pilots. You can appreciate what an exciting experience this will be for the winners.

The lucky individuals will have the opportunity to fly with a real pilot in this simulator, and will receive an official flight logbook, in which we will list the 30 minutes of time spent flying this marvel of flight training.

These two prizes make an exciting addition to all the fine prizes that so many companies are providing. Check our web page at: under Amiga99/prizes to see a more complete list. Check back because the list is growing every week. Tickets may be ordered by calling: 1-800-59-AMIGA (26442).

Don't wait any longer, purchase your tickets to Amiga 99, the Gateway Computer Show being held in St. Louis, MO, Friday March 12 - Sunday March 14 at the Henry VIII hotel. Winners will be selected from the Saturday prize drawing at the close of Saturdays show.

Winners must be present to win and only this time slot is available for the prize. Simulator will be flown in night mode, with motion off.

The Amiga... It's taking off, and so is Amiga 99!

Bob Scharp

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