2 Bit Productions Announces Commercial Release of Storm of the Eye

Press Release: 2 Bit Productions Announces Commercial Release of Storm of the Eye, A GUI Driven Play-By-Email Game for the Amiga.

Perth, Western Australia - 25th January 1999.

2 Bit Productions today announced the release of Storm of the Eye, a large scale strategy wargame played via email.

Storm of the Eye is a commercial Play by Email game, which has been in development for two and a half years, and in playtesting for the past 6 months. The game caters for up to 100 players at a time, with each player using a sophisticated front end program to view their turns and input their instructions. Turns are processed weekly, with one turn costing $2.50 Australian.

Each player has control of one of the worlds' 100 tribes. Gods perform miracles regularly for the devout, and the sacrifice of conquered enemies is encouraged. All is not what it seems in this happy (yet bloodthirsty) world. A complicated sequence of events which began thousands of years ago is rapidly nearing a conclusion, and the future is very uncertain.

2 Bit Productions are currently accepting reservations for places in first commercial game, which will begin once it is full. Players will not be charged anything until the commencement of the game. The front end program is free, and can be downloaded from the website below. A demonstration turn is available for download also so people can have a closer look at the mechanics of the game.

2 Bit Productions is a small company, dedicated to providing the best and most innovative play by email games on the market.

For more information, visit the 2 Bit Productions website at:


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