Alive Mediasoft Makes a Number of Announcements

Heretic & Hexen are now available from Alive mediasoft, both priced at 14.99 (plus p+p) Both require 68k or PPC, 8mb, HD, CD. Gfx cards are supported

Descent is now back in stock and now comes with all the new mission packs on one CD. Still priced at 14.99 (plus p+p) Both require 68k or PPC, 8mb, HD, CD. Gfx cards are supported 80% Amiga Format, 82% The Pulse

Total Quake Conversions is a new mission pack for quake. Priced at 14.99 (plus p+p) Requires: Quake 030+ 8mb HD CD. More news soon...

Putty Squad will be available in February. Sorry for the delay on this one... ...but it's worth the wait! Req: AGA Disk or CD

There has been a delay on this month's "Pulse" - but again...worth the wait. It's now even bigger with 20 pages to read from, with new columns like Buyers Guide and Alive Budget Games. There's also bigger reviews and more news. The layout is also much better and clearer to read. Reveiws in the new Pulse dition include: NAPALM - Yes! thats right NAPALM!, OloFight, Max Rally, Beambender, and many more. For your free subscription to The Pulse, email me your snail-mail address!

The new CD Catalogue will be available soon. A few people experienced difficulties when using a Squirel CDRom. I am hapy to say, it is now fully compatible.

Another new touch is that the demos have now been separated into catagories according to the typw of game, much in the same style as The Pulse. The CD Catalogue now includes all the new demos ie: Putty Squad, Heretic, Eat the Whistle, and some classic demos. All the game featured in the demos are available to buy from Alive mediasoft. There are also loads of HDinstallers, updates for games and patches. The CD is a whopping 100% crammed full! CD Catalogue will cost you just 3.00! this includes postage & packaging, or FREE to all customers ordering over 30!!!

ABUSE has finaly come into stock. After loads of negotiations with the distributers, they have agrred to keep the price down to 14.99. We think the wait has paid off! This action-packed game got a very good review in Amiga Format - 80%, and The Pulse - 86%, If you like action - Buy This! Req:68k or PPC 8mb HD CD


To celebrate the Millenium, Alive mediasoft are holding the worlds biggest Amiga software survey in years. We have always prided ourselves in our ability to track down old games for people through our Classic Search Service as well as stocking a large range of classic titles in our catalogue.

Over the last 10 years, the Amiga has given us thousands of brilliant games (not to mention just as many crap ones!). It can sometimes be difficult for us to choose which games people will want.

To celebrate all the great games, we launching the MILLENIUM SURVEY to find out the greatest Amiga games of all time.

By voting, you can help your favourite games to see the light of day again. On June 1st, Alive mediasoft will announce the survey winners giving you the top ten from each catagory like Best Adventure, Best Beat 'em Up and so on. During the months runnig up to the announcements, Alive mediasoft will put in 110% to obtain the winning games. All winning titles will go on sale from June 1st. Obviously, many of the games will be limited availablilty. So if say, 100 people vote for Sim City 2000, and we can only get 50 copies, we will give those who voted the first opportunity to buy a copy before onening sales to the general public.

Vote now, and receive your chance to reserve your favourite all time game!

As if all that isn't enough, Alive are celebrsting this Millenium Survey by giving away hundreds of pounds worth of prizes. All voters will be entered into the prize draw for a chance to win one of the prizes below:-

1st prize: 100 Alive gift certificate
3 x 2nd place prizes of 20 Alive gift certificates
10 x 3rd place prizes of free software titles.

On Alive's web page, you will soon be able to down-load a list of Amiga games from brand new titles, dating right back to the good old days of Elvira and Project X! This little slice of nostalgia may help jog your memory and give some ideas for your vote.

Full details of how to enter along with a voting form are going out to all Pulse subscribers. If you don't already subscribe to The Pulse, you can do so by emailing us your postal address. Subscription is totally free. It is simply our catalogue and supplementary magazine with compliments from Alive. To request your copy of The Pulse, send your full postal address to:-


A quick note about a game Alive will be releasing around late April/early May this year. The Prophet. This is a dungeon master style adventure game made exclusively for the Amiga by an up and coming team based in Leicester, England, headed by a talented chap called Mark Ford.

Full details and demo will follow in time, but to give you an idea, it's hard-drive only for floppy users, or CDrom installable on hard-drive.

This is going to be a huge adventure game, with astounding features and incredible playability. Full details to come soon....

Steven Flowers


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