Weird Science Announces Special Offers on Software

Weird Science are pleased to announce the following Special Offers for Amiga users.

For a limited time we are offering a FREE Amiga CD-ROM Game with software purchases over 25.00. Choose one of the following four Amiga CD-ROM Games.

Ultimate Super Skidmarks CD
Ultimate Gloom CD
Theme Park CD
Street Racer CD

In addition to the FREE item mentioned above we are also offering a BUY 2 GET 1 FREE promotion on the 2.99, 4.99 and 9.99 collections below. You can mix and match between different price points and we will charge for the highest priced two items in your selection. As per our usual policy all FREE items will have postage charged at our normal rates.

The following items are all 2.99 each

Amiga Floppy Titles
Blitz Tennis, Gloom, Minskies, Gloom Deluxe, Testament, Subversion, Roadkill, Blitzkrieg, Virtual Karting, Bravo Romeo Delta, White Death, Sensible Golf, Fields of Glory, Kick Off 2, Impossible Mission, Valhalla 2, Info Nexus.

Amiga CD-ROM Titles
Cannon Fodder, Sleepwalker/Pinball, Aminet 15, Scene Storm, Pandoras CD, Demos are Forever, Golden Games, 3DCD-1 Objects, 3DCD-2 Images, Octamed Sound Studio.

CD32 Titles
Guinness Disc of Records, Cannon Fodder CD32, Guardian CD32.

The following items are all 4.99 each

Amiga CD-ROM Titles
Ultimate Super Skidmarks, Ultimate Gloom, Theme Park CD, Street Racer (CD or Floppy), Aminet 21, Aminet 22, Aminet 23, Aminet 24, Artworx Amiga, Artworx PC.

The following items are all 9.99 each

Amiga CD-ROM Titles
Time of Reckoning, Deluxe Paint 5 (CD or Floppy), Utlimate Blitz Basic, Final Odyssey, Uropa 2, Strangers, WinBench '98, MidiNet CD, AGA Toolkit, Assassins 3 CD, Fontamania, Speccy '99 CD, Retro Gold, Sounds Terrific & Octamed 6 CD.

PC CD-ROM Titles
Time of Reckoning, Fontamania, Speccy '99 CD, Quake 2 Conversions, Duke Nukem 3D Conversions, Hottest PC Games 2, Classic Games '98, Real Arcade 2, Kidz Stuff, Killer PC Utilities, Killer PC Applications, Windows Bench '98, Screen Savers 2, Desktop Themes, Desktop Themes Deluxe, MidiNet CD, 3DFX Dreams, Total Sci-Fi '98, Megablast, C++ Source & Utilities, Delphi Source, Visual Basic Source, Photoshop Plugins, Ministry of Icons, Retro Gold CD, Sound Terrific 2.

Remember the BUY 2 AND GET 1 FREE offer. Further details on the Special Offers and secure ordering facilities can be found can be found on our web site at

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