VaporWare Announces X-Arc 1.3 Now Available

X-Arc is an archive management program for the Amiga, designed in a similar fashion to WinZip(r) on Windows(r) systems and Stuff-It(r) for MacOS(r).

X-Arc is somewhat different from previously released archive management tools: those programs provided no more than a graphical interface on top of existing archiver commands, often in a incomplete and inflexible way.

X-Arc offers the user an extremely intuitive interface for the more often performed operations, whilst complimenting this with a range of advanced options suitable for the expert user.

X-Arc provides the user with a brand new and sophisticated way to add files to an archive, mixing speed and power never seen in any similar program on any operating system.

X-Arc is based on a modular concept, allowing any third party to develop modules to handle new archive formats without having to alter the main program.

X-Arc offers the ability to perform many operations, using drag&drop, from within the main program or with standard Workbench icons (ie. drag files from your Workbench screen to X-Arc's lister window). X-Arc also supports drag&drop with Scalos based lister windows.

X-Arc is supplied with an advanced file recognition engine, based on both filename and content matching, allowing the user to display any file using a suitable external viewer.

X-Arc's interface is highly configurable and customisable.

X-Arc allows the user to install software from within the archives, in a matter of seconds, with its installer support.

Where to download it:

FTP:, pub/xarc/, pub/xarc/, pub/xarc/, pub/vapor/xarc/

AmiNet, util/arc

X-Arc.lha, 598500 Bytes (Note that has generally the best connectivity of the listed mirror sites)

WWW: (File mirror only) (File mirror only)

New features since X-Arc last release (1.2) include:

New features since X-Arc release 1.1 include:

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