Toysoft Development Announces Availability of StarGate 1.0

Date: Feb 10, 1999
Subject: StarGate 1.0 press release
From: Danny Y. Wong

Toysoft Development Inc. is pleased to announce the commercial release of StarGate 1.0 for the Amiga computers. StarGate (SG) is a new premier e-mail client using POP3 and SMTP protocols. SG is highly configurable, very easy to use, 256 color icons, multiple mailboxes and unlimited folders.

StarGate supports multiple e-mail accounts and accounts can be turned off at anytime. Messages can be preview in all mailboxes and folders. A Mail Peek feature lets you look at your mail server before doing the actual message download. This will give you a visual filtering system for spam mail.

An extensive address book lets you maintain user profile with multiple e-mail account. StarGate also supports a unique graphical forms with sounds, detailed error handling, file attachment is easy as drag and drop, helper for MIME messages, customized column views in all mailboxes and folders and many more features.

Come experience the coming of StarGate at

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