Alive Mediasoft Releases The Prophet Feature List

The Prophet feature list
- Alive Mediasoft

Over 200,00 locations set in the city, dungeons, graveyard, crypt, temple and an alternate dimension.

More than 50 different types of locations, including shops, taverns, guilds, spinners, false walls, Teleports, buttons, levers, etc.

Every monster has two different attack moves also graphics when defending, hurt and dying. A total of 25 frames of animation for each monster.

Each type of monster has totally unique strengths and weaknesses, some have poison, disease or magic attack. Some may try to weaken you by attacking you arms or legs, others might beat you unconscious.

Four different styles of attack that vary in efficiency depending on the weapon used and your skill in that attack. A defensive move, as well as a run away for mummy`s boys.

Dozens of different items, including keys, foods, potions and spells. Each

Weapon has its own individual statistics so you can see how good it is for hacking, slashing, jabbing, defending as well as how heavy it is and how easy to use.

Complex and realistic character health, with overall health (HP), as well as individual body areas. All health effects fully displayed on your character, so you can see just by looking how bad the wound on his arm really is. Many different types of poison and disease that can spread through your body, all displayed in full colour.

A full graphical display of your character showing the different armour worn and weapons held.

No fixed route through the game, Go where you want, do what you want, when you want too. Discover plots within plots, help poor unfortunates or just kill for money and power. Quests that change the shape of the game, completing one may open or close another. Will the city`s inhabitants sing of your deeds, or fearfully whisper your name.

A unique learning system, that means you choose how your character will advance. Train in magic, thievery, medicine or fighting skills.

Steven Flowers


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