Tsunami Graphics Selling A2000 Render Farm at Amiga99

Attention Amiga Fans,

Tsunami Graphics is Selling the Farm at Amiga 99.

No, we're not getting rid of the old homestead; we're selling our former A2000 rendering farm! Yes, all our Amiga 2000s, SCSI controllers and RAM expansion cards. Assorted other hardware and software, too!

Don't miss this chance to acquire a "Classic Amiga 2000" and or that piece of expansion gear you need. All in good shape, all needing a good home. All A2000s are stock machines with 30-day replacement or repair warranty. Prices vary, depending on ROM revision. All systems are revision 6.x motherboards with 1MB Agnus.

See us at the Gateway Computer Show - Amiga 99, March 12 - 14, Henry VIII hotel, St. Louis, MO.

Rodney Schulze
Tsunami Graphics
Amiga 99 Exhibitor

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