DiscreetFX Hosts Software Porting Seminar at Amiga99



NEWS HEADING: Special Event at the Amiga99 show (http://www.amiga-stl.com/show.html). Bill Panagouleas of DiscreetFX trains Amiga developers how to enter the lucrative market of porting popular Windows, SGI & Mac applications to the Amiga.

The Amiga has some very powerful software available for it at very affordable prices. Feature rich applications like ImageFX, Wildfire, Video Toaster/Flyer, Pagestream 4.0, Photogenics NG, Fantastic Dreams, AmiIRC etc. help define what an Amiga is and provide modern software for Amiga customers. The Amiga does not have the wide breath of software applications available on other platforms though. This is a double edged sword, on one hand the Amiga gets the benefit of avoiding bloated over hyped but bug ridden and under powered software. But on the other hand many popular and mainstream applications that customers demand when they buy their computer are not available for the Amiga. Products like Quicken, Quickbooks Pro, ACT, Dragon Naturally Speaking, and most educational software titles don't make it to the Amiga. Also many of the high-end SGI applications which are well suited for the PowerPC Amiga & NG Amiga are not available for it. Unknown to the Amiga community is the fact that many successful developers for other platforms are on the lookout for new operating systems and computers to port there well know applications to. They lack the knowledge and Amiga background to port their software but are willing to subcontract Amiga developers to do it for them. With other top selling operating systems now becoming very controversial and falling out of favor now is the time to approach these developers.

Bill Panagouleas brings his past experience at negotiating deals and managing these types of porting projects to the Amiga Development Community to help them. Learn how to stop being a starving Amiga developer and instead become a wealthy one by bringing popular best selling programs to your favorite machine. Also you will be helping the Amiga become more widespread and popular by making the software many know and love available for Amiga. The aMozillaX project "http://www.amozilla.force9.co.uk/" (Netscape Communicator for Amiga ) has already shown how just getting one popular application ported can raise the bar on Amiga converge in the mainstream press. Everyone knows that popular software drives hardware sales. Don't miss out on this very special event if you are attending the Amiga 99 show and happy porting. Please see http://www.amiga-stl.com/sched.html for more information.

e-mail: billpana@cwikmail.com

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