Atéo Concepts Announces Scandoubler/FlickerFixer for the Amiga

Atéo Concepts just designed a scandoubler/FlickerFixer for the Amiga. This scan doubler will be available for the A1200 (internal model) for the A1200 with a Pixel64 (from Atéo Concepts) and the for A2/3/4000 (internal model). Its features are: autosense PAL/NTSC, Scandoubler + Fliker Fixer, no software patchs (works with games, linux, etc...). *Extra features, never seen before on the Amiga!!!!* This scandoubler also doesn't alter the animations! It calculates extra pixels to avoid hatching on the output pictures! Atéo Concepts will produce this scandoubler only if they have 150 pre-orders. You can register your pre-order on

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