Contraption Industries Announces The Audio Enhancement Device (AED)

Sounds, music, and games can now have crisp high frequencies and deep bass that you can feel.

February 24, 1999
For Immediate Release:

Contraption Industries announces that having affordable audio on your Amiga that sounds great is now a reality.

Frequencies that are normally rolled off by the Amigaís audio circuitry are added, enhanced, and lightly amplified to produce amazing dynamic range. The high frequencies are not only brought out but are smoother and cleaner while the bass is rich, deep, and more defined.

The AED connects to the audio out of the Amiga and gets itís power from a pass-thru on the serial port. It is compatible with all of the Amiga models except for the A1000 and CD32. For online ordering or more information, visit our web site.

Rick Hunter
Contraption Industries


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