Open letter to the Amiga Community

March 2, 1999

February 8, 1999 - a historical day.

This day reminded me of the spirit of 1985, when Amiga was presented to the world public in New York.

This time a vision is born: Making computers a natural part of everyday life.

It is almost 2 years ago, since the take over by Gateway. Many people know me as an impatient man and you may anticipate how difficult the period from March 97 to February 8, 1999 was. A time of low communication with the Amiga community, low public relations and low information about visions, missions and goals.

But my dear Amigans, I can reassure you the ray of hope will become a bright sun within the next 6 month. The Amiga will be lead to the future under the technical experienced management of an absolute professional. Jim Collas, Senior Vice President Product Development & Management of Gateway, Inc. has decided to modify his position and to work for Amiga only. To reach all our goals, I will work on his side and support him with all my energy.

Our mission is:

To create a revolutionary and compelling systems architecture and operating environment for multimedia computers and digital information appliances which can easily be imbedded into consumer computing devices and enables innovative Internet services.

Without talk big, I can tell you that in the middle of November 99 we will launch the new Amiga systems architecture and operation environment.

For this purpose we will organize press conferences to inform the public about our goals and directions. Besides the new and revolutionary Amiga Operating System we are working on our existing platform to present the upgrade 3.5 as soon as possible

First detailed information will be presented in St. Louis, USA (March 12. - 14.). We hope to be in the position to sell the first Operating System upgrades 3.5 in summer 99. The German company Haage & Partner and myself will take care about this project.

AMIGA International, Inc. and Amiga, Inc. will conquer as one team the computer world; under the management of Jim Collas - and you my dear Amigans, will be a part of it.

Help us performing our goals.

Jim Collas will inform you within the next days about the organization, plans and goals of our company.

A very exciting time is coming and it is for me and my staff a honor to be a part of a new computer generation as pioneer and to pave the way for the future just like it was at Commodore.

Long live our beloved Amiga and our community

Petro Tyschtschenko
2.March 1999

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