NewTek's Tim Jenison and Amiga99's Bob Scharp to be Interviewed on Radio Show

Press Release
Amiga 99 show
Amigan-St. Louis

March 1, 1999

NewTek's Mr Tim Jenison to be on WEW AM radio with Bob Scharp.

We are happy to have Mr. Tim Jenison on the air with us on March 7 at 12 noon. St. Louis's radio station WEW, 770 AM will be visited by both Bob Scharp, owner of Amigan-St. Louis and producer of the Amiga 99, Gateway Computer Show and Mr Tim Jenison, head of NewTek.

NewTek is the company that brought video costs down to an affordable level by introducing the Video Toaster on the Amiga Computer platform years ago.

More recently NewTek introduced the Flyer and other great products now on the Amiga and other platforms. The Toaster and Flyer have been products that made the Amiga shine. Even today, many video houses use Amigas to produce video with the help of products like NewTeks.

Bob and Tim will discuss the show and NewTek with host Joe Balsarotti on WEW. Don't miss it. Set your dial now.

If you have a question we can answer, please email me at and address it "WEW question". Better yet, dial in on Sunday at noon and call in live to WEW at 314-969-7700. You might just get a chance to talk to Mr. Tim Jenison or Bob live on the radio.

Bob Scharp
Amigan-St. Louis
The Gateway Computer Show - Amiga 99

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