Eyelight Expands Its Web Presence And Announces Free Tornado3D V3.0 Special Offer

March 1st, 1999

ROME, ITALY (March 1st, 1999) Eyelight is proud to announce that Tornado3D V3.0 is in advanced state of development and will be released in May 1999. This significant update to the popular rendering package will sport a redesigned user interface and many high end features never before available on the Amiga. A partial feature list can be found on http://www.tornado3d.com/

After the phenomenal success of 1998's special offer that allowed Tornado3D 1.x users to get V2.0 for free saving over 50%, Eyelight introduced a new special offer: "Buy Tornado3D 2.1 and get V3.0 for FREE". The offer is good until May, 31st, 1999 for any copy of V2.0, regardless of where it has been purchased. Registered users of V2.x will be able to download V3.0 for FREE.

In addition to the FREE 3.0 offer, an extra 10% discount is available for customers that buy Tornado3D V2.1 direct from Eyelight using the online order form before March, 31st 1999.

Tornado3D is the flagship product of Eyelight, a 3D Graphics and animation firm located in Rome, Italy. It has full support for PowerPC, Permedia2 and the most advanced feature set available on any Amiga software. Tornado3D 2.1 now ships with its new, 300+ pages long, manual.

Eyelight is also pleased to announce that its web presence has expanded with the opening of http://www.eyelight-it.com/, that focus on Eyelight's products and services, and http://www.mage3d.com devoted/ to 'Mage. the revolutionary 3D package for Amiga, Macintosh and Silicon Graphics that will be unveiled at the end of March, 1999.

Via del Serafico, 64
00142 Rome
voice: +39-06-51965486/7
fax: +39-06-51965488
e-mail: info@tornado3d.com

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