Amiga99 Tickets to be Collectable

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Amiga 99
Amigan-St. Louis's "Collectable Tickets"

March 1, 1999

Amigan-St. Louis is doing something fun for the Amiga 99 show, being held in St. Louis this March 12-14.

We are making our admission tickets, banquet tickets, and class tickets collectables. That's right. Each ticket will have a collectable image on it. Some will have the various Amiga Computers released over the years, some will have notable figures, somewill have objects you will recognize having to do with the Amiga lore.

Let's have some fun. These collectable are being put on our tickets just for the fun of it. Have some fun, collect as many as you can. Trade your doubles with other Amgia fans at the show. When you do, get to know them a little better. We can all share a smile and some fun. That's what Amiga is all about.

See you at the show...Amiga 99, the Gateway Computer Show.

Bob Scharp
Amigan-St. Louis
The Gateway Computer Show - Amiga 99

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