Islona Entertainment to Distribute Super Frog

Date: 3rd March 1999

For immediate release

Islona Entertaiment has just announced that it has secured the rights to re-distribute Super Frog! the Team17 Platform Game.

Superfast and smooth 360 degree scrolling. Superb cartoon style ‘cute’ graphics. Amazing in-game music (eight musical scores). Bonus sub-game featuring a realistic fruit machine. Skill levels to cater for younger (or older) players! Massive worlds, huge levels. Packed with secret rooms. Cartoon intro by Eric Schwartz. These are some of the things that make Super Frog such a great game and one that has been requested time and time again by Amiga owners. The game will work on any AGA amiga with a CD Rom and is also CD32 Compatible.

Islona expects this to be the first of many Team17 releases.

For further information and screenshots, please see the news section at our web site.

Malcolm Pett
Epic Marketing

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