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Hello All,

Amiga news ....

Aminet 28 & Aminet 29 now in stock ...

NAPALM is now released and will be in stock soon, we are now taking pre-orders for this great hit. System requirments for Napalm: AGA or Graphics Board, 020 or faster, 16 Megs Fast Ram, 2 speed or faster CD drive. This fantastic game is 250 megs in size with another 400 megs of music tracks.

All Vulcan titles on sale till the end of March, see the great deals listed under 'Vulcan Software' on our website. Some are over 50% off ......

Vulcanology is also back in stock.

Also see our 'Current' Specials for good deals on Amiga Software.

Be sure to check out 'Other' section for one-of-a kind close-outs.

Our AGA section and others now have even lower prices.

OUR On-line Amiga Software shoppers get better deals, and that's a fact. :)


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