Atéo Concepts Announces Two New Products

Two product announcements from Atéo Concepts.

Pixel64 ZorroIII

Atéo Concepts is designing a new version of the Pixel64 named Pixel64 ZIII.

This new version of the Pixel64 will plug on a ZIII slot of the A3000 or A4000 (Sorry, no ZII support...)

3D features for the Pixel64!!!

Atéo Concepts is working on a 3D expansion for the Pixel64. This expansion will be based on the Voodoo chip (version 2 or 3). The 3D expansion will be available for all the Pixel64 version. The release date is not yet available.

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The cheaper Ethernet card for the Amiga are now available. Two models exists, a simple Ethernet with RJ45 output and a full version with RJ45, BNC and AUI output.

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