Amiga 15th Anniversary Celebration in Atlanta (Amiga:2000)

March 16th, 1999

Class of '85 Reunion: On July 21st, 2000, we are celebrating the 15th anniversary of a machine that started a revolution that is still felt today. The Amiga spawned a cult religion of unbelievable proportion and magnitude, which keeps the spirit alive in spite of tremendous adversity.

Come celebrate as we commemorate the life of the Amiga. Join Carl Sassenrath, Ron Nicholson, Dave Haynie, Matt Dillon, and many many more Amiga luminaries for presentations on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Topping things off will be a banquet awards dinner on Saturday night honoring those in the Amiga community, and remembering those who are no longer with us.

You can sign up for a yearbook that spans from the early days of the Lorraine right up to the show, complete with development notes from the designers, pictures, and stories from the original Amiga, Inc, and Commodore-Amiga teams. Also, tidbits from developers and trade shows will round out the yearbook. There will also be a Boing class ring, as well as a limited edition event T-shirt autographed by VIPs at the show.

and.. much... much... more.

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