Winner of Amiga99 Best Club Table Display Contest Announced

Congratulations to NCAUG, the National Capitol Amiga Users Group. They are the winners of the "Best Club Table Display" contest at Amiga 99, held in St. Louis, MO, March 13 - 14. Amiga 99 is produced by Amigan-St. Louis, makers of the Amiga "Magical Mugs" that change color and design when heated.

NCAUG took us to new heights with their web cam blimp. You should be able to view footage of this exciting event at several sites. Looking at the show floor, and the events going on at Amiga 99 from a vantage point of fifteen to twenty feet in the air was really fun.

Congratulations NCAUG. Thanks for putting real meaning into our saying of "Amiga, it's taking off, and so is Amiga 99." You can view an image of the web cam on Amigan-St. Louis's site at:

Bob Scharp
Amigan-St. Louis

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