Midwest Amiga Exposition Not to be Held This Year

From: David Pearce
Organization: The Amiga Central Ohio Network
Date: March 25th, 1999

To all Amiga supporters:

Many of you have emailed us asking whether or not the Amiga Central Ohio Network will produce the Midwest Amiga Exposition for 1999. At this time we will not be producing a show for 1999.

Our show was created by everyday users for the sole purpose of supporting the Amiga during some of it's roughest times. In 1996, when we started our event, most other events had closed their doors and an important role was left unfulfilled. We felt we needed to support a diminishing market during those times for other users and more importantly, developers.

While some might argue, we believe we had a small role in helping the Amiga trade show market in the U.S. become active again. Amiga trade events are once again gaining popularity and increasing in size, so rather than compete for exhibitors and attendees, we have decided it is time to step aside and let others continue on.

The Amiga situation is currently more positive than in the past and we are excited about the recent developments at Amiga Inc. We will not rule out the possibility of bringing back the Midwest Amiga Exposition in the years to come, but for now, we are confident that Amiga trade shows in the U.S. are in competent and capable hands.

We have put together a scrapbook from each year of the Midwest Amiga Exposition and we encourage you to visit our web site at http://www.amicon.org/mae.html and see what it was like to be there.

There are simply too many people to thank in the end for what has become for us, a personal chapter in the history of the Amiga. Our debt of gratitude to the Amiga community and to the developers that stuck it out is too large to measure.


David Pearce
The Amiga Central Ohio Network

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