Randomize Announces ScanQuix/Umax Scanner Bundle

Randomize, Inc. - Toronto, Canada - March 29, 1999

Randomize brings affordable flatbed scanning to the Amiga in North America by introducing ScanQuix Amiga Scanner and its ScanQuix/Umax Scanner Bundle.

ScanQuix 4 works with a number of popular scanners and provides a universal scanner interface for the Amiga.

The ScanQuix/Umax Scanner Bundle provides ScanQuix 4 bundles with the Umax Astra 610S, 1200S and 1220S scanners giving the cost effective flatbed scanning solution.

Simply connect the Umax Astra Scanner to your Amiga's SCSI port (we offer the DKB Spitfire as a bundle options for those needing as SCSI controller) and install ScanQuix 4 and your ready to scan.

Umax Astra 610S Bundle - $224.95 US, $349.95 CDN
Umax Astra 1200S Bundle - $289.95 US, $449.95 CDN
Umax Astra 1220S Bundle - $319.95 US, $499.95 CDN
ScanQuix 4 Software (sold separately) - $99.95 US, $149.95 CDN
DKB Spitfire - $89.95 US, 139.95 CDN

Additional information can be found at http://www.randomize.com/amigaproducts/scannerbundle.html

Randomize, Inc.
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Tottenham, Ont.
L0G 1W0

Phone: 905-939-8371
Fax: 905-939-8745
email: sales@randomize.com
WWW: http://www.randomize.com/

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