Siamese Systems Announces Multi-Board Computer System Case

For Immediate release
30th March 1999

Siamese Systems wish to announce the new 3-Pack multi-board computer system case. This case is designed with our Multi-OS platform in mind and combines up to three complete computer motherboards in one strong, space efficient and good looking case. Giving the ability to run AmigaOS, Linux and Windows all at the same time.

We have designed this system to combine the Newtek Video Toaster 4000 based Toaster/Flyer system with a commodity Windows or maybe Linux powered PC/Alpha. The Video Toaster will be controllable from the Windows display. Both of these can be fitted into the 3-Pack case and still have room for an Alpha or another PC as a rendering system or whatever you want from it. Any Amiga 4000 motherboard will fit including any 68k/PPC card and we will produce an A1200 adapter if there is a demand.

It is made from the same high quality and strong steel constructions as the Siamese 8-Pack case and is designed to run very cool internally. The case should appeal to all those computer users like us who have two or three systems in use at once and would like them all in one place, and controllable from one Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor. Add to this the cool design and colours and we believe it looks good too.

Please take a look at our web site at and then email us for more details at

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