Toysoft Development Announces Availability of StarGate v2.0 MUI

Subject: StarGate v2.0 press release
From: Toysoft Development Inc.

Date: April 2, 1999

Toysoft Development Inc. is pleased to annouce the release of StarGate v2.0 MUI. The same developer who released the first true GUI email client "Air Mail" for the Amiga computers.

StarGate is an integrated e-mail and news client with multiple user interfaces, multiple email accounts, intuitive design, easy to use, highly configurable, designed for novice to expert users and no learn curve.

Version 2.0 includes custom formating of messages such as bold, underling, italics and text coloring. StarGate is only Amiga e-mail client that offers multiple message formats such as plaintext, StarGate (custom) and HTML and Forms.

An added feature in v2.0 is NNTP news support. With StarGate you can post, read, reply and forward new articles. Posting article with files is also supported and the same as decoding articles with files. With the Helper database you can view pictures, play AVIs/MOV/MPEG etc... Articles can be selected for batch download for offline reading. Downloaded articles can be archived to user defined folders.

StarGate is highly integrated with the three most popluar Web Browsers (AWeb, iBrowse and Voyager). When reading mail or news article you can double click on a URL or FTP link and StarGate will direct your designated browser to the URL.

StarGate is the only commerical e-mail client for the Amiga that offers unprecedented features and user support.

Toysoft Development is 100% Amiga developer and will continue to bring innovative products for the Classic and the new NG Amiga.

For more information about StarGate or to learn more about Toysoft Development Inc. please visit our web site at or email



Toysoft Development Inc.

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