Randomize sets the Amiga System Standard with the Genesis Odyssey PPC II

Randomize, Inc. - Press Release - April 14, 1999

Randomize, Inc. has set the new performance threshold for Amiga systems by introducing the Genesis Odyssey PPC II, the first PPC based Amiga system. Suitable for all applications and completly configurable through Randomize's new "Build-Your-Own" system, the Odyssey PPC II features:

Many System Options Available including:

For more information, visit the Odyssey PPC II site at http://www.randomize.com/genesis/genodysseyppcii.html

Randomize, Inc. has the answer foryour Amiga Systems needs. The Genesis Series is here. Check them out at http://www.randomize.com/genesis.html

Randomize, Inc.
R.R. #2,
Tottenham, Ont.
L0G 1W0

Phone: 905-939-8371
Fax: 905-939-8745
email: sales@randomize.com
WWW: http://www.randomize.com/

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