ShadowWorks Software Announces Version 1.6 Update to NewsRog

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ShadowWorks Software

ShadowWorks Software announces the Version 1.6 update to NewsRog, the Amiga newsreader which has been called "The best newsreader available - on any platform", and provides advanced features for the power user that few other newsreaders anywhere can match.

Version 1.6 includes 19 new features and improvements, including auto-selection of multipart posts, a group statistics window, improved quote prefix detection, and more. For a full list of other major changes in this version, as well as descriptions of major NewsRog features and example screenshots, see the NewsRog preview page at:

The 1.6 update is free to registered users and may be downloaded from the "Updates" section of the above web page.

Upgrade now to the newsreader that Amiga Format magazine called "...exceptional, head and shoulders above the rest...", and "simply the most powerful, elegant, and feature-packed Usenet newsreader .... on any computer platform. Period."

New users can order NewsRog directly from Questar Productions, or go to the Support page above for screenshots, feature lists, and a free demo version.


NewsRog is priced at (US) $35 plus shipping and handling. Orders may be placed by telephone by calling:

(US) 1-303-659-4028

Or online via major credit cards from either of the following pages: (unsecure) (secure)

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