Hurricane Studios Announce Availability of the First Amiga Commercial PowerPC Game


Hurricane Studios are proud to announce the availability of the FIRST Amiga commercial PowerPC game.

Eat The Whistle PPC is available NOW in the Hurricane Studios Web Site, in the official Eat The Whistle Home Page and, soon, in Aminet.

It's a FREE upgrade for the owner of the 68k version, it needs the original ETW CD-ROM to be installed. The PPC version needs also ppc.library V46+ and AHI V4.x installed to work.

Together with the PPC version is available also an optimized chunky version for 040/060 Amigas. You can choose between the game executable you want to use with a new "PREFS" menu section, "SYSTEM".

The gameplay has been improved a lot and the refresh speed is smoother than ever. Here are some of the features of the enhanced versions:

Get this FREE upgrade in:


game/patch/ETW-CD20p.lha (550KB)
game/data/ETW-Pitches.lha (~2.6MB, optional)

Hurricane Studios WWW:

Eat The Whistle WWW:

You can buy the original game at:

Gabriele Greco (

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