Eucalyptus Source Code Released By Developer



April 23, 1999 - After much deliberation, we have decided to release the source code to the Amiga version of Eucalyptus. It may seem coincidental to the growing popularity of the open source movement given the current rise of Linux, and, in all honesty, that was a big influence in this decision. But this is also a gift to the Amiga community. There have been many things changing here recently, in our lives, both personal and professional, and we find that there is not enough time to do all the things we want and still provide a quality and timely product to you, the devoted Amiga user. So we offer up this source as a gift to you, to mold and shape, and, hopefully, to give back, so that we may all benefit from it.

You can download the source code at We hope that you enjoy perusing and using it, and we ask that if you make any improvements, changes or additions, please let us know, so that we can incorporate it into our source tree. In the future, a CVS server will be put up so that you can check it in and out while maintaining one central site.

Isengard Developments can presently be found at

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