PowerStation for ImageFX now Shipping

Nova Design, Inc., producers of the award winning and best selling ImageFX package are proud to announce that PowerStation, volume one, the first package of PowerPC modules for ImageFX is now shipping.

PowerStation is a package of ImageFX modules designed to work directly with the PowerPC as a coprocessor. This speeds up the specific modules up to ten times the speed of the same module running on a native 68060 processor. In many cases the effects become nearly real-time!

PowerStation premiered to record crowds at the Amiga '99 show in St. Louis and became the 'must-have' item of the show with preorders greatly exceeding expectations!

PowerStation Specifics

The PowerPC effects are for use with ImageFX 3.2 or higher only. This first volume of modules includes the following effects, which have all received the PowerPC treatment. The first five modules were originally announced and premiered at the show - by release we have now added three more!

Bubble - creates multiple bubbles over your selected image. You can control the animation and optional color of the bubbles easily. Create an undersea effect or psychedelic champagne bubbles!

Fire - one of ImageFX's most popular effects. Fire can create flickering candle flames, gas-stove flames, raging forest fires and more. All parameters can be animated or controlled through a single slider.

Clouds - recently added to ImageFX, the Clouds effect can create amazing multi-layered fractal clouds. It can also be used to create fog or smoke over images, simulated explosions, or even seamless textures of landscapes with cloud patterns animating across them.

Liquid - this is an endlessly fascinating effect that distorts your image as if it were on water. You can create funhouse mirror distortions or unique video transitions with this effect.

FXForge - based on the same formulas used in Adobe Photoshop's Filter Factory™ package, FXForge can create an infinite number of custom special effects using mathematical formulas. Color effects, distorting effects, lighting effects are all possible with this amazing engine. It remains fully compatible with the thousands of effects available on the Internet for Adobe's Filter Factory™.

Gaussian Blur - the cornerstone of many image processing tricks and depth of field effects for videographers, this PowerPC version of Gaussian Blur will now allow incredibly fast optical blurring.

JPEG Loader/Save - one of the most popular graphics formats to ever come along, JPEG images are often a fraction of the original image's size, and are used commonly on the Internet. In the past this size savings was at the cost of slow loading and saving times. Now these versions load and save so fast you may have saved in the time it took you to click your mouse!

Special Preorder Pricing

'PowerStation' is available on diskette for $99.95 and is available from your favorite Amiga dealer. Outside the US contact Oberland in Germany or Wizard/Compute in the UK.

If you wish to order directly at full retail you can also fax your order to (804) 282-3768 or mail it to Nova Design, Inc., 1910 Byrd Avenue, Suite 204, Richmond, VA 23230

'PowerStation' works on any Amiga equipped with a PowerUP supported PPC accelerator with ImageFX 3.2 or higher installed. WarpUP with the new PowerUP compatibility should also work as well.

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