Islona Entertainment Announces Best of Gremlin

For immediate release 4th May 1999

Islona Entertainment is proud to announce that they have just completed a signing to bring the Amiga community the Best of Gremlin.

The Best of Gremlin will contains over twenty five of Gremlinís top Amiga titles on one CD.

Here is a list of the full games you should expect.....

Disposable Hero - Harlequin - HATE - Impossamole K240 - Litil Divil - Premier Manager - Premier Manager2 - Premier Manager 3 -Editor Shadow Fighter - Super Cars 2 - Switchblade2 Techno Cop - Top Gear2 - VenusFlyTrap -Zool - Zool2 - Utopia These should also be on the CD...Dark Fusion - Butcher Hill - Combo Racer FOFT - Pegasus - Plan9 From Outer Space Skidz - VideoKid - Super Cars - Suspicious Cargo - Vampires Empire

They will all be full games in their original form, where we can both ecs and AGA versions of a game will be on the CD. The CD will retail at £29.99 but you can pre-order from Epic Marketing at £25.00 each.

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