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Note: This is a somewhat cleaned-up version of this #amigadk (Danish Amiga channel) IRC transcript which was originally posted at: the original version was unwrapped text which required quite of bit of screen scrolling. We wish to thank who ever logged and posted it.

Session Start: Wed May 05 20:04:25 1999

*** havemose (xxxx@xxxx) has joined #amigadk

<MSkov> Hi Allan... I'm Morten... We are doing this in English like we agreed, right?

*** Trez sets mode: +v havemose

*** UltimateW sets mode: +m

<havemose> I've promised the US people to dothis in english. I don't mind danish :), but I should keep my promise.

<MSkov> If Allan is ready and Trez and UW are set, I believe we should start

<MSkov> Trez and UW, you're in control

<havemose> I'm ready :)

<Trez> MSkov: would you like to begin with a question ?

<MSkov> allan: you wrote in your last email that you were very busy, could you tell us a bit about what you're doing lately?

<Trez> MSkov: remember GA

<MSkov> GA :)

*** Trez changes topic to 'Konference med Dr. A. Havemose. UltimateW tager mod spørgsmål. GA

<havemose> We are busy designing and implementing the new Amiga operating environment. Note that, since QNX is providng the underlying operating system, we ar concentrating on higher level pieces. GA

<MSkov> How many people have been hired yet? GA

<havemose> At this point we're about 20 people in the company. We're hiring lot's of engineers. Just check our web site to get an idea of how many people we're hiring.

<havemose> GA

<UltimateW> BIGF^q7e asks; What is the plans for OS3.6 and 3.7 ? what will be the news ? ( GA )

<havemose> I truly don't know much about 3.6 and 3.7. I've spent all my time on the new stuff. I would think that we need to ship 3.5 first, and then see, but that's all speculation; since I'm not involved. GA

<UltimateW> Draco^ asks: As QNX is a realtime OS, will higher level pieces respect this? GA

<havemose> yes. the new Amiga will be realtime. There a limits on how much realtime processing you can do, but that aside, we're realtime. GA

<UltimateW> kingsmurf asks: Will AmigaOS5 have Arexx? GA

<havemose> scripting language has not been decided yet. Arexx has lots of implementation issues (I've seen the source:), so there is more to it than you would expect. I think the real question is powerful scripting, not necessarily AREXX. GA

<UltimateW> kingsmurf asks: What about multiuser support, will this be implemented in AmigaOS5? GA

<havemose> we can handle multiple users requesting services. There are still a few open issues on if we want to support multiple logins at the same time (via terminals). GA

<UltimateW> kingsmurf asks: Will AmigaOS5 have shared libraries/devices? GA

<havemose> we'll have shared libraries and resouces, just like the old amiga. The layout will be different. GA

<UltimateW> Delta^dk asks: will QNX/os5 be multiplatform ? GA

<havemose> yes

<havemose> GA

<UltimateW> Delta^dk asks: we are talking os5 only ? nothing about 3.5 ? GA

<havemose> I'm not involved in 3.5 at all. I helped identify H&P for the development, but do not have an active role in the project. There is more than enough to do on OS5, so I haven't spent any time on 3.5 GA

<UltimateW> Yock asks: will there be support for DVD in OS3.5 / 5? GA

<havemose> OS3.5 I don't know. OS5 that's the plan. GA

<UltimateW> Brunis asks: Has any Hardware decisions been made or will the QNX core run on anything? GA

<havemose> hardware is not important at this stage. We're developing to a general hardware independent configurations. QNX currently runs on a number of processors (x86,ppc,mips and others). GA

<UltimateW> Trez asks: back when Amiga were speaking about possible specs for the cpu of the NG Amiga 80x86 emulation was mentioned. Is that still something you're counting on and would it work well for e.g. emulation? (i.e. be able to switch between instruction sets while the machine is running) GA

<havemose> I'm not sure I recall that discussion: our initial development system is x86 based, because we have access to good x86 systems from gateway. We were talking emulation of the ClassicAmiga thought UAE and AmigaPCI (InsideOut card). GA

<UltimateW> PsychoLns asks: what about Java, how much will it be integrated in the OS? (running java applications like std. executeables etc.) GA

<havemose> java has certain limitations: Java is really a "single application execution environment". We're planning on using Java in a number of places. I can't be more specific at this point. GA

<UltimateW> Trez asks: Do you still plan to make a system and apps directory structure and put all that goes with an app in it's own directory? and wouldn't it waste a lot of diskspace eventually as libraries etc. used by single programs might be used several times? GA

<Trez> ...just a note: the so-called MMC was supposedly able to emulate other cpu's instruction sets.

<havemose> All unique pieces that an application requires goes in the applications directory. All system wide resources and libraries goes in the OS directory. I see little waste. GA

<UltimateW> Pede^FUP asks: Message: Hi Dr. Havemose, I met you at the Cologne show last year, just wanted to tell you that it was real cool :) Question: Is the Amiga company involved in developing hardware? GA

<havemose> We're more focused on software than hareware. We work with third paties as much as possible to get hardware/silicion developved. GA

<UltimateW> Laursen asks: Generally speaking, are you adopting a majority of the existing AmigaOS features/ideas/philosophy? GA

<havemose> I'd say as far as philosophy almost 100%: by that I mean simplicity, elegance and power of the implementations. A lot of the individual technology pieces are outdated, even though few are willing to accept that. W'e'll use as much new technology as possible. GA

<UltimateW> Laursen asks: Will hardware be important at SOME point (i.e. will we see custom chips or such) or are you going software only (like Be)? GA

<havemose> We'll be somewhere in between. The Be model is not good, in my oppinion: they are not offering any compelling reason to develop for their OS. Our vision is significantly broader than just being an OS; we believe that this is important. GA

<UltimateW> Snuden asks: Can you tell us more about the filesystem structure ie. will we get c and s etc.? GA

<UltimateW> Snuden asks: Can you tell us more about the directory structure in OS5 ? GA

<UltimateW> (sort of them same Q) GA

<havemose> I haven't decided on names yet. Personally, it doesn't make a big difference to me what things are called, ie wheter is C or bin for instance. GA

<havemose> continuting ...

<UltimateW> NoH asks: What about emulation of kickstart 3.x? UAE only supports 1.3 afaik. GA

<havemose> I am looking at /Amiga being the root directory for the OS and /Applications for applications. Each then breaks down in the components it provides or applications installed. GA

<havemose> UAE is limited, your right. We're looking at what it would take to support 3.x and AA. GA

<UltimateW> Noh asks: Have you looked at Opus5 for inspiration? GA

<havemose> I know Greg Perry from way back. Opus5 is nice for a power user. I would prefer something simpler for consumers. ..more ..

<havemose> ONe of my key ground rules is that there should only be one way to accomplish something in a consumer environment. Opus 5 offers many ways of setting the same attributes - for most people this is confusing ... more

<havemose> Develper environments are different, and I understand that; here Opus5 or similar would be OK> GA

<UltimateW> olef asks: Back in the Cologne show you told us that in a short while you would be able to say more about the new development environment. How about now? ;-) GA

<havemose> We got delayed a bit by Gateway, as Jim Collas has explained. Unfortunately, that means that there are not many details that I can give. ... more

<havemose> we will have a programming model in C++ with good tools. Java, as mentioned, is also an options, even though java apps are more restrictive. GA

<havemose> let me clarify ...

<havemose> I actually used the wrong tense. We HAVE a programming model in C++ ... Just want to avoid misunderstandings. GA

<UltimateW> olef asks: Can you give us some concrete examples on what the future AmigaOS will run on? I mean, apart from "normal" computers. GA

<havemose> We have talked about information appliances at various US shows. Think of them a next generation computing devices: handheld units, set top boxes, web surfing units etc. GA

<UltimateW> Draco^ asks: do you have any plans on how to get new companies to develop for the new Amiga? as most users expect eg. Word compatibility, how are you going to solve this? GA

<havemose> We're already working with a number of larger software companies. I can't announce details, but if you look at Jim Von Holle's CV on our web site, you'll see that he was in charge of SW for Gateway. :) GA

<UltimateW> Trez asks: When was the last time you used an amiga? :) GA

<havemose> Probably a few weeks ago. GA

<UltimateW> Trez asks: You stated that you are probably going to remove the case sensitivity of the QNX filesystem. Wouldn't it be possible to implement it so that users could have it either way? after all some prefer one thing and others prefer another. And what kind of shell will OS5 have? Anything BASH-ish? GA

<havemose> on case sensitivity: most developers want case sensitivity, most users don't. We'll have to think about the customer. You're environment will support the standard case sensitive FS if you like. I belive that we offer both sh (bash ) and tcsh/csh. GA

<UltimateW> Delta^dk asks: is the public availble to help in any way (could i help fx) ? GA

<havemose> Actually yes :) We'll be announcing our developers program soon. But more importantly, I would like to ask everyone to help control the rumers on the net. ... more

<havemose> there are many people who have very little interest in seing Amiga succeed (such as our competition). If we all make sure that all the unsubstantiated rumors

<havemose> doesn't gain mindshare, it will make a huge difference. GA

<UltimateW> kingsmurf asks: Can you tell us what the next Amiga will be like? Is the next Amiga an advanced settop box? Or perhaps a successor to the A500? or is it a real computer that can compete with modern PC's? GA

<havemose> We haven't decided on form factor yet. But since we are building a family of products, I would expect that we'll have designs of various types (A500 style, PC-style, etc.) Those decision are still to be made. GA

<UltimateW> Laursen asks: What's your vision, if broader than Be's? :) / I've been running BeOS for more than one year by now and it still feels like a baby compared to AmigaOS 3.1. Be have developed BeOS for >5 years by now. Can we really expect to see something that will really rock in the next couple of years? GA

* UltimateW Please no more questions at this point..... :o) thanks.

*** Trez changes topic to 'Konference med Dr. A. Havemose. Stil venligst ikke flere spsm. 39 users - rekord'

<havemose> I'd say so. The BeOS in many ways has an architecture like what we were considering for a next generation Amiga,when I was as Commodore/Amiga. They have, however, focused all their energy on a particular market segmet. That just does not have enough appeal. Looks great, though :) GA

<UltimateW> nim^unq asks: Will OS3.5/5 have built-in support for USB or even FireWire ? GA

<havemose> OS5: USB yes, firewire TBD. FireWire has lost momentum in the PC industry. We'll have to wait and see. GA

<UltimateW> Noh asks: How about icons? Will it have something similar to DefIcons? Hopefully not the MS-icon way... GA

<havemose> No MS icons :) We're working with graphic artists to get a new and better look of the desktop/user-experience.

<havemose> I need a 2 min break ...

* Trez will be a pause fisk then ;)

<havemose> back :)

<Trez> *blop*

<UltimateW> Delta^dk asks: what about rebol ? GA

<Trez> havemose: GA :)

<havemose> I have about another 10-15 minutes

<havemose> Carl has already committed to providing Rebol on the new Amiga.

<havemose> GA

<UltimateW> noh asks When you mention bash/sh, it sounds like a unix clone. What'll it be? GA

<havemose> :) Not a unix clone. The question was about shell functionality. I just like the functionality of Csh better than bash. The old Shell borrowed from both sh/csh, but didn't provide adequate scripting. I want to change that :) GA

<UltimateW> UHolst asks: To be a viable platform it need software. Can we expect decent basic applications like browser, news reader, word processor, spreadsheet etc. when OS5 is released? Are you working with third parties to accomplish this? GA

<havemose> I answered that above. We are working with 3rd party sw vendors. I cannot give any details at this time. GA

<UltimateW> UHolst asks: We all like our Amigas because of the famous "Amiga feel" whatever that is. Will OS5 still feel like an Amiga our will it be just another power OS although based on AmigaOS? GA

<havemose> Some of the devices will probably feel more like an amiga than others, just based on their capabilities. We are working very hard to have a consistient look&feel across the entire product line. GA

<UltimateW> UHolst asks: Many have voiced their concerns that you with OS5 are more interested in the consumer market with powerful Internet boxes rather than high-end Amigas like the A4000. Will we see OS5 based high-end computers for the power user? GA

<havemose> We are focused on a subset of products initially. Remember that it takes a lot of engineering to bring out entire product lines. How the products are being rolled up is really outside my control. GA

<UltimateW> UltimateW asks: Do we need to fear a MS Windows look a like in AmigaOS5 ? GA

<havemose> NO :) GA

<UltimateW> benn asks: Will the AmigaOS3.5/5 have any kind of memory protection? GA

<havemose> Yes, fully protected. GA

<UltimateW> Yock asks: Why AmigaNG, why not just the old Amiga ad we know it? GA

<havemose> clarification: OS 5 is fully protected. ga

<UltimateW> Trez asks: Will there be draggable screens in OS5 if the hardware in the used device allows it? And have you spoken to gfx card manufacturers like NVIDIA or other leading forces? GA

<UltimateW> (wups...)

<Trez> :)

<havemose> it is very difficult to add protection to the old Amiga. I've discussed this in detail with Carl. We both agree that adding protection to exec would amount to rewriting exec. -- i'll answer the next question

<havemose> I can't comment on who we;re talking to, but the model allows screens if the hardware is capable of it. GA

<UltimateW> Trez asks: will you make sure that there are integrated developer systems right from the launch of OS5? Possibly even including one? GA

<havemose> developers tools will be ready when we launch the developers program. They will not be included with a standard system. GA

<UltimateW> Laursen asks: bash and tcsh are great. But how about an AmigaShell? GA

<havemose> Amigashell is really a subset of bash/tcsh as far as functionality is concerned. I'll try to answer again then: I want the functionality of sh/csh. Whether we base our new shell on AmigaShell or one of the unix ones is largely irrelevant, as long as we get an easy to use and stable shell. GA

<UltimateW> BIGF^q7e asks: Have you talked with any game companies ? i mean, when launching a new computer, many good games are needed else people will not buy the cumputer. / is there actully any companies who actully knows about your AmigaNG project ? GA

<havemose> I can't talk about who we're doing business with. GA

<UltimateW> MSkov asks: How do you see Amiga's first priorities match the community's? Many user want regular computers at first, but this may not be your wish. GA

<havemose> My personal oppinion: We'll make sure that the community get's the products they want. The community today, however, are mostly powerusers, and do not represent the "old" community that well. We'll do products for both. GA

<UltimateW> NoH asks: How much is Carl Sassy involved in OS5? GA

<havemose> Carl and I talk from time to time. I can't really disclose the exact relationship between him and us. That would be inappropriate. GA

<UltimateW> xpoint asks: will there be real virtuel memory support in os3.5 and os5 ? GA

<havemose> OS3.5: don't know, but suspect no. OS5: yes. GA

<UltimateW> BIGF^q7e asks: Will os5 detect file types based on the file extension ? i hope not! GA

<havemose> Right answer. GA

<UltimateW> Trez asks: Will you bring the Guru meditation back ? B) GA

<havemose> No guru meditations in consumer products. Developer release are different :) GA

<Trez> :)

<havemose> I have 5 more minutes. GA

<UltimateW> Trez asks: will you put "powered by amiga" on every product that is amiga based? I don't know how cool it would be to say "I have an amiga" "oh.... my dishwasher is an amiga too".. GA

<havemose> We want the "powered by Amiga" to become pervasive. GA

<UltimateW> Trez again.. : Will you be making official "We Told You So! - Amiga Is Back" t-shirts when OS5 is out? =) GA

<havemose> :) good idea. We'll see. We'll find a way to celebrate .GA

<UltimateW> NoH asks: gurus as similar to the MS 'blue screen'? GA

<havemose> I actually believe that you can make devices that recover from faults. That's what I meant. We;ll have to have some last resort "I'm dead" indicator, but hopefully something more meaningfull than the blue screen of death in NT

<havemose> GA

<Trez> GURU GURU! ;)

<UltimateW> Last question for today: When will you be back in Denmark ? (official) GA

<havemose> OK. Slut for I dag. Mange tak for de gode spoergsmaal.

<Trez> And more importantly: Will you be back here?

<Trez> :)

<UltimateW> Thank you very much for your time, its been great :o)))

<havemose> Jeg kommer til DK om et par uger. GA

<Trez> havemose: tak for de gode svar

*** Trez changes topic to 'Konference med Dr. A. Havemose er nu slut. Husk at købe næste måneds Amiga Advis'

<MSkov> Tak Allan... det kørte jo herligt! :)

* Trez giver havemose et klap på skulderen "det skal nok blive godt... bare husk at bash er bedre end tcsh" ;)

<UltimateW> Allan: Det var rart at høre noget om det kommende OS, jeg er sikker på vi alle ser meget frem til jeres resultater.

<Yock> ahh

<draco^> ahhh

<BIGF^q7e> hehe

<Laursen> !(/#)/")=/"

<Pede^FUP> aaah

<BIGF^q7e> ahhh

<BIGF^q7e> bbl

<BIGF^q7e> jeg er smuttet...

<Cupid> i'm alive

<jemo> blam

<Laursen> Fedt at kunne trække vejret igen!

-Scone- Clone IN: dran ( is a clone to PsychoLns in #amigadk

<Yock> :)

<NoH> hvor mange er vi?

<Trez> husk nu at købe Amiga Advis og vis jeres støtte =) - og se interviewet på papir =)

<UHolst> Laursen: Trække vejret igen. Vi er 41

<Snuden> nå, jeg

<Cupid> NoH: jaeh, hvis din computer kunne TÆLLE, ville du kunne se at vi er 41 ;)

<Laursen> Jeg vil ha' vinduer der ikke automatisk kommer i front når man aktiverer dem!

<draco^> takker for snakken havemose :)

<havemose> Jeg har et frokost moede om 15 minuter, saa jeg bliver nodt til at smutte. ...

<Epic> Wow. Sikke en fest..

<BIGF^q7e> ciao, havemose!

<Laursen> havemose: Hygge.

<NoH> cupid: jeg er paa ircII

<NoH> epic: orv, er vi ikke doede? ;)

<_3Demon> cya!

<Trez> havemose: kommer du igen på et tidspunkt?

<Cupid> NoH: oooh... my mistake.. :)

Session Close: Wed May 05 21:11:55 1999

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