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Martin Sahlén -, +46-8-673 73 23
Director, The AAA Awards

Stockholm, Sweden - Thursday, May 20, 1999.
It's time to cast your vote for the AAA Awards 1998! Do it now, and you could be the lucky winner of a brand new, specially designed and hand-airbrushed Amiga 1200HDD, or one of twenty copies of Cloanto's "Amiga Forever Online Edition"! The AAA Awards 1998 are proudly presented in association with AMIGA and Cloanto.


Voting is open for everyone until June 30, around the clock. These options are available:

This year's categories are

AAA Award International
AAA Award Belgium
AAA Award Spain
AAA Award Sweden
AAA Award United Kingdom

Prize Raffle

Once you vote for the AAA Award International 1998, we'll automatically place you in the raffle to win...

You could be the lucky winner!

Award ceremonies

The AAA Awards 1998 Winners will be presented at these locations:

AAA Award International, July 24-25
    World of Amiga 99, The Kensington Town Hall Conference Centre, London, UK
AAA Award Belgium, July 8
    Waaslandia Merksem meeting, Café Pierre De Deken, Merksem, Belgium
AAA Award Spain, October 29-November 1
    Radykal Amiga Party, Armilla (Granada), Spain
AAA Award Sweden, August 7-15
    Stora Nolia fair, Umeå, Sweden
AAA Award United Kingdom, July 24-25
    World of Amiga 99, The Kensington Town Hall Conference Centre, London, UK

See our homepage for exact dates and times.


The AAA Awards Committee would like to take this opportunity to thank all jury members throughout the world for their effort. A listing of all juries is available at:

Acknowledgements The AAA Awards are organized by Swedish user group Amiga Computer Group in co-operation with AMIGA, AmigaSOC, Amiga Users Club of Spain, Cloanto and Waaslandia Amiga-Only Club.
The AAA Awards is copyright © 1997-99 Amiga Computer Group.
The AAA Awards logo is copyright © 1997 Amiga Computer Group and Björn Hagström.
AMIGA® is a registered trademark of AMIGA International, Inc. / Gateway, Inc.
Amiga Forever is a trademark of Cloanto.

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