AmiComSys Announces New Server and New Client Version

AmiComSys or Amiga Communicator System is an Internet application for the Amiga OS.

The alone days on the net' is away. With AmiComSys you always will have company while you are surfing.

It's much like ICQ but it lets you find Amigans much more easily.

AmiComSys recently changed server. The new server is located at

For more information look at

New in version 1.25a is:

Amiga Kickstart 39+ (WB 3.0+). There is a separate Kickstart 2.0 version. A TCP/IP-stack like Miami, AmiTCP3.0b2+ or compatible. The MUI costum class NList.mcc v.19+. Available from Aminet, e.g MUI 3.8+. Available from

Available from the official homepage located at:
It's also available from Aminet. The location is


Best regards

Håkan Parting,
Author of VersionWB -> Aminet:util/sys/VersionWB.lha &
Amiga Communicator System ->

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