New Version Of Amiga Forever Online Edition Released

A new version of Amiga Forever Online Edition is available for download. For this release, both the preinstalled Amiga software and the WinUAE emulation have been updated and improved.

The 68K CPU emulation has been carefully profiled and optimized, and is now on average at least 20% faster than in the previous version. CPU-wise, an average PC can now comfortably emulate a 68040 Amiga (benchmarks are based on Personal Paint compilation times using SAS/C, Amiga 4000/040 and Pentium II/400 PC). Experimental AGA emulation and MIDI output are now also supported by the emulation and already have many enthusiastic users (some of which can now at last use Bars & Pipes Pro!) Features such as virtual memory, floating point unit, true color RTG display modes and TCP/IP continue to be part of the default Amiga Forever emulation configuration. The latest version of the Amiga Explorer Amiga-PC networking software is also included.

The new version of Amiga Forever Online Edition is available for immediate download from at $29.99. Amiga users in Yugoslavia have reported credit card authorization problems in relation to the current situation, and can therefore get the software at no cost directly from Cloanto.

Existing CD-ROM and Online Editions of Amiga Forever can be upgraded to the latest version of the emulation software following the instructions at The Amiga Forever pages have been completely updated and now provide even more resources for users of Amiga emulation. The Amiga Forever Home Page has a new, easy to remember browser shortcut: Other Amiga product pages at have been moved to a "Classic Amiga" section, in preparation for new software titles for Amiga NG.

Once again, we would like to thank all Amiga users for their continued support!

Your Cloanto Team


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