AAC Nominations Now Available Via Email

From: "Bill McEwen" (amiga1@earthlink.net)
To: (teamamiga@thule.no)
Subject: [TA] AAC Nominations via e-mail
Date sent: Wed, 16 Jun 1999 11:07:04 -0700
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Yes, your input has helped.

You can now e-mail your Nominations for the AAC.

Please send the following information:

Name of Nominee:
Nominee Contact Number:
Nominee E-Mail Address:
Nominee Organizations:
Group that best describes Nominee: Developer, Press, User Group,
Dealer/Distributor, or Influential End User.
Reasons for their Nomination:

Subject line must have "AAC" for us to account them properly.

E-Mail them to Nomination@amiga.com

Nominations must be received by June 19th, 1999, and council members will be announced the first week of July, 1999.


For more information, see: http://www.amiga.de/diary/1999/990615-e.html and http://www.amiga.de/diary/1999/990611-e.html.

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