Photogenics 4 CD-ROM Released

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Photogenics 4

Finally, after four years of hard work the new version of the well-known graphic manipulation software Photogenics is available.

Photogenics is a graphics/art package. It allows you to create stunning images, either from scratch or by modifying existing images. It can be used for a multitude of purposes, from simple file conversion, to advanced photo manipulation and re-touching. It also offers extremely realistic and easy to use media such as pencils, chalk and watercolours to create stunning masterpieces in minutes.

Photogenics is based on innovation. At its core, it works on images unlike any other product. Nothing you draw is permanent, it can be rubbed out as easily as it was drawn, and tweaked to perfection. This freedom allows you to experiment to a level never before seen.

Photogenics Feature List:

Minimum Requirements:
68020, 8Mb RAM, Amiga OS 3.0,CD ROM drive.

Recommended Requirements:
68060, 16 or 24bit display, 16Mb RAM, Amiga OS 3.0, CD ROM drive.

Photogenics is a registered trademark of Paul Nolan. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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