Intrepid Communications Announces Supply of A2000HD Amigas


Intrepid Communications, Inc. announces the discovery of a cache of new in-the-box and excellent condition used classic A2000HD computers. All include: original keyboards and mice, internal 880K floppy drive, 3MB RAM total (1MB Chip RAM), GVP Series II SCSI controller with 52MB hard drive and Kickstart and Workbench 1.3 or above. They are also equipped with an ASDG multi-port serial board.


New A2000HD (US) $400 plus shipping and handling.
Used A2000HD (US) $250 plus shipping and handling.

Orders may be placed by telephone by calling: (US) 1-407-678-6999

Credit card (Master Card/VISA) or pre-paid orders only.

As of 7/1/1999:

93 new units are available.
100 used units are available.

Intrepid can also upgrade and customize these machines to meet specific needs.

To request Detailed Ordering Information send mail to:

Dealer Inquiries Welcome.


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