Jim Collas' Note to the Newsgroup Regarding QNX

From: Jim Collas <jim.collas@amiga.com>
Newsgroups: comp.sys.amiga.misc
Subject: QNX announcement is misleading
Date: Fri, 09 Jul 1999 06:10:33 GMT
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I am not very happy with the QNX announcement. This announcement was neither reviewed nor approved by Amiga. Several weeks ago we made a decision to use the Linux OS kernel instead of QNX. We were planning to communicate this decision to the Amiga community in the technology brief to be released in the next few days. I know this is a shock to many people given the previous announcements and activities relative to QNX. I apologize for the way this is being communicated but I have been put in an awkward position. The formal announcement will be on the Amiga web site within 12 hours. Please read this for more information.

After months of research and in-depth discussions with our technology partners we decided to use Linux as our OS kernel for the new Amiga Operating Environment (OE). This was a very complicated and difficult decision to make and I assure you that I didn't make the decision without a significant amount of research and deliberation. We have been researching Linux as an alternative for several months now but a final decision wasn't made until a few weeks ago. Once you understand the reason for the decision, I think that you will agree that it is a good decision.

Linux has picked up a significant amount of momentum in the last year as an viable alternative OS. In talking to the key component suppliers it was clear that they were all putting resources on supporting Linux. It was difficult to convince them to support yet another OS kernel. Using the Linux kernel allows us to leverage a significant amount of software from the Linux community.

Given the momentum, we decided to do an in-depth technical analysis of Linux. As we ported parts of our higher level OE and AmigaObject architecture to Linux for testing, we discovered some significant performance advantages in the Linux kernel in areas such as distributed object messaging across a network (up to 10X the performance of Windows NT). This is a strategic performance advantage for our new environment. Although Linux configurations can be very large, the core Linux kernel and services are actually quite small and efficient. We have also identified hardware components that are being optimized for Linux. I am convinced that we can build an incredibly impressive next generation Amiga based on the Linux OS kernel.

We are integrating a significnant amount of technology to make the Amiga unique yet we will still be able to leverage drivers and also some applications. In many ways, it's the best of both worlds.

Our soon to be released technology brief will further explain our architecture and plans for integrating all of the selected technology. Once you read it I am confident that you will understand the revolutionary nature of the next Amiga and the reason why we have a great opportunity to drive the next computer revolution.

As for QNX, I can assume that they aren't happy that they didn't get the Amiga opportunity and they decided to confuse the issue. Regardless of what QNX announces, the Linux OS is much more mature and supported. It's unfortunate and I apologize again for how this got communicated.

I look forward to getting feedback on our technology brief. I also look forward to sharing more of our plans at WoA and AmiWest and seeing some of you there in person.


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