AmigaFest 99 Update

AmigaFest 99 -The Show within a Show at Dayton Computerfest

Things are happening in the Amiga Community! A lot of announcements are expected at World of Amiga and AmiWest, along with the first public display of mock-ups of the next generation machines. O.S. 3.5 is to be introduced in Australia and a lot of other new products to support the Classic Amiga or in anticipation of the next generation machines will be introduced at these shows. AmigaFest 99, the show within a show, at the Dayton Computerfest®, will be the first opportunity to see and purchase a lot of these new products in the eastern part of North America. Computerfest®,one of the country's largest computer shows, will be held at Hara Arena in Dayton, Ohio on 28 & 29 August. The admission is $10, which is for both days and may be reduced for those that only come the second day.

O.S. 3.5 will be formally released the weekend before AmigaFest 99 in Australia and will go on sale in North America at the same time. AmigaFest 99 will be the first Show where it will be available. So don't miss your chance to get it. AmigaFest 99 will be the first opportunity for the users to see and purchase a lot of new products being announced now and for the developers and manufacturers to display them in the eastern half of the country. Don't miss this opportunity!

This show is being fully supported by Amiga and we are negotiating for a more significant presence. They have kindly supplied prizes to be given away. We have two Amiga 1200s and several other items to give away. Don't miss this opportunity either. The participation of Amiga executives is being considered.

AmigaFest 99 is a unique opportunity for Amiga Users:

  1. It will provide you an opportunity to see and purchase all of the new Amiga products.
  2. It will provide you access to a concentration of Amiga Vendors so you can get the Amiga gear you need/want, often at special show prices.
  3. It will provide you access to an incredible selection of general computer equipment such as drives, storage media, printers, etc., at incredible prices.
  4. As with all Amiga Shows, the opportunity to spend time socializing with fellow Amiga Users and Luminaries.

An Amiga Get Together off-site is in the planning stages for Saturday night. It will be informal at a facility where we can dine together with a social time following. It will be pay as you go, order your own meals and other refreshments. No formal presentations, unless we have visitors from Amiga, who would be welcome to speak to the gathering.

We have scheduled two, two hour Amiga forums in the seminar rooms, one for Saturday and one for Sunday. If Amiga executives are present these forums will be turned over to them. Additional Amiga presentations are welcome, in fact we are looking for more, however, we must commit the rooms before others do. Anyone desiring to give a presentation at the show please contact Ron Schwartz as soon as possible so we can reserve the rooms.

The exhibitors that are currently committed to AmigaFest 99 include:

Compuquick Media Center
FWD Computers
Dan's Deals
E. S. Productions

Tentative exhibitors:

Nova Design

We have also had initial contact from other vendors, some individuals considering a table to sell some of their old gear, and several User Groups. Vendors, Developers, User Groups and individuals considering exhibiting, demonstrating, or selling, there is no better place than AmigaFest 99/Computerfest®. Cost is only $60 per table and that gives you access to 30,000 attendees. It is surprising too, how many of those are Amiga Users who are not in the mainstream and do not get the magazines or go to the Amiga shows, but come here to get the bargain equipment. It is also amazing how many people with little money find what they can afford in a PC is useless, but an old Amiga, for cheap, is still capable of doing amazing things.

AmigaFest 99 at Computerfest® is a unique opportunity both for the user as well as the vendors and other exhibitors. Don't miss it. For more information, contact: Ron Schwartz, phone 937-434-2144, email or Leonard Carsner,phone 937-773-4520, email


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