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fxPAINT is a new, revolutional image processiong software for the AMIGA, that will make use of the latest hard- and software existing for the AMIGA. It`s planned to release a first, full release on CD within this year (1999).


fxPAINT is a strongly extended image processing software for the AMIGA. It contains the usual painting tools, but also offers a lot more. E.g. it`s possible to mark whole areas by a simple mouseclick. Gradients can be added by a simple dragging, too. fxPAINT allows you the usage of several, natural pens like chalk, pencil, the so called "Artist Pen" or simply with pens, that were cut from another picture before. As you might already have thought, when reading fxPAINT`s name, fxPAINT is not limit to painting with colors or cutted pens, but offers you a great palette of high-quality effects. This includes, but isn`t limited to: Standards-effects like changing of brightness, contrast or gamma. Special-effects like light-sources or bumpmapped surfaces, glow- and shadow-effects, waves, explosive supernovas, distortions, etc. You`ll also find professional tools like Gradtion-curves or matrix operations. This opens up a great number of posibilities to create and design pictures. Another special feature is fxPAINT`s realtime-mode, that shows changes to the effect-settings immediately after they were made. E.g. Light-sources can be dragged over the pictures - in realtime and full quality!! fxPAINT basically is similiar to a layer-based image processing package, but it isn`t directly equal to it. You can paint with effects while the Alpha-Channel (that can have full 24bit- depth) is fully used, if active. Painting-mistakes can be fixed easily by the undo and redo-function. Of course fxPAINT is not only very usable for changing and manipulating images but also for creating them. E.g. fire, fractals, screenshots, videodigitizes, etc. can be made directly from within fxPAINT by some simple clicks.


The support of scanners and videodigitizers and an open, documented Plugin-API will make you feel, that other programs aren`t needed any more. To guarantee brilliant printings, optimized routines for the printer.device and TurboPrint are available within fxPAINT. fxPAINT keeps the internal multitasking. You can work even while scanning!


Maybe you are one of those (like me, too), that don`t make great efforts to sort the graphics on HD in order to keep an overview over them. That`s why you might like the inbuilt picture database called fxALBUM. Editing a picture is very easy then, as you only have to click on the image and on another button in order to have the picture loaded in fxPAINT. If you want to, you can print overviews over your pictures as well. For fast conversions between the file formats, the module fxCONV is available. It allows you automated conversion of several directories and/or files full of pictures into another format easily. If you want to create graphics for the WWW and want to make use of so called HTML-Imagemaps, fxIMAGEMAP might be your tool, allowing you easy creation of ImageMaps within minutes!


fxPAINT has internal BOOPSI-classes of its own, that ideally adapt to the used hardware. No matter what hardware is used, the fxPAINT-GUI is full of images, what makes fxPAINT more usable and effective. Of course, a bubble-help-system is available describing the most important buttons, so you needn`t guess, what this or that button might be for. On truecolor-screens, fxPAINT`s GUI is most impressing, because it then uses 24bit-gradients, that give it an even more modern and unique look. fxPAINT offers you the ability to adapt to your already existing knowledge by offering three modes for novices, average users and experts.


Planned (and the major part of the list is already realised) features are:

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