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Subject: QNX Response - was (Re: Some clarifications from Amiga)
Date: Sun, 11 Jul 1999 18:30:02 GMT
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We are really loathe to get into a war of words with Amiga about who did what but some comments must be addressed as they relate to our own ethics and integrity.

> QNX blindsided us with their announcement.

This is not accurate. Before we made our announcement, I personally called Jim 10 days in advance and informed him of our decision to address the Amiga community directly.

> There were differences of opinion on strategy,
> implementation and licensing terms that we
> spent months and months trying to negotiate.

I can't go into the details but it was clear to us from the beginning that to meet the schedules we needed to start work immediately. If this project was to succeed on time, we had to go forward 100%. We started work in good faith and continued working all during negotiatons.

If you want to know our strategy for the Amiga community it's simple. We want to provide an advanced multimedia OS on an advanced HW platform which is affordable to all. It is still our intention to do so.

Dan Dodge
CTO, QNX Software Systems Ltd.

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