ImageFX 4 Now Shipping - With Animation

Nova Design, Inc., creators of the award winning ImageFX package and the highly received Aladdin 4D v5 package, are excited to announce a brand new upgrade - ImageFX 4! ImageFX has been the required graphics application for all Amiga owners and has been a part of Video Toaster/Flyer owner's toolkits for years. Combining painting, image file format conversion, image processing, and special effects, ImageFX remains the undisputed leader in graphics manipulation on the Amiga.

Now in it's fourth major upgrade, ImageFX goes animated! If you work on video using your Amiga or want to work on animations for the Internet the new animation controls in ImageFX are exactly what you've been wishing for on your Amiga. The animation system is as easy to use as the animation controls in Amiga paint packages but far more powerful and support full color animation, palette mapped animation and greyscale animations as well.

ImageFX 4 - the Animated Details

Nova Design, Inc. has built on the new windowed interface introduced in ImageFX 3.x and has added controls to directly manipulate animations within ImageFX. Onscreen VCR-style controls have been added to the layering system to allow you to move within the frames of an animation or even playback the animation in your preview window. Brushes can be animated across a series of frames and effects can be automatically processed across frames as well!

These controls make it easy to edit animations for use on the Internet on your own web pages. You can create hand drawn animations, brush animations and you can easily rotoscope video sequences, add effects, and batch process. If you want to modify web animations, it's as easy as loading now that you can load animations. Full support for loading and saving entire or partial FlyerClips is included for Amiga Toaster/Flyer owners.

Many image processing functions and effects have been updated to work directly on frames and layers now. And what would a new upgrade of ImageFX be without new special effects? We don't know, since we've never released without including new effects before and we're not going to do so now. We've got some cool new effects in this release - read on!

The new Fireworks effect can create amazing digital fireworks displays on your images. The parameters for the effect are easily animated. Fireworks uses a special-purpose particle system and can even use custom brushes for the firework 'particles' so you can create everything from a realistic firework burst to a shower of coins!

Distorter is the answer to a designer's dream. Similar to the 3D Perspective Rotate function, Distorter can seemingly rotate your image in three dimensions but with no constraints on how you move and adjust the image. You can make it stretch out at any corner or even twist it around itself. Amazing!

Blob is a fun, if digitally slimy, effect. With Blob you can set your parameters to make a translucent colored ooze slide down your image. Looking to simulate the effect of slime? No problem with Blob!

Lens Flare has been updated to add a Photoshop/Lightwave-like light object and a dual light object. You can also rotate the light object as well and specify anamorphic stretch for all attributes.

The Text Generator has had so many improvements that it is like a whole new module. You can now use PostscriptT fonts with it in addition to Amiga bitmap, color, and outline fonts. You have more control over the fonts. The fonts now can anti-alias using subpixel anti-aliasing for the best possible display. Best of all you now see your text, exactly as it will appear, on the display of the image in it's own window!

CD the Light!

ImageFX now comes on CDROM for it's standard distribution. If you don't have a CDROM drive (and you should, they're pretty inexpensive now) ImageFX will ship with a coupon to order a copy on floppies. As a special bonus the CDROM has sequences of images, animations, and nearly the entire contents of our Internet site as well!

Ordering the Upgrade

As of this release a new price structure is being implemented for upgrades. If you own a version of ImageFX prior to version 2.0 your upgrade price is now $149.95. ImageFX 2.x owners can upgrade for only $99.95. ImageFX 3.x owners can upgrade to ImageFX 4 for only $79.95.

You can order via 1-800-IMAGE-69 in the US and Canada or call (804) 282-1157 elsewhere. Orders can also be faxed to (804) 282-3768 or mailed to our address. Anyone purchasing ImageFX 3.x new after June 1st, 1999 can upgrade for free when you mail us your dated proof of purchase plus shipping and handling.

ImageFX 4 can also be purchased new from your favorite Amiga reseller. Contact Oberland in Germany or Eyetech in the UK for international sales.

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