Amithyst is Hiring

Date: 15 July 1999
Subject: Amithyst is Hiring!

What is Amithyst?

Amithyst Online Magazine is an ezine for fans of Amiga, science fiction, fantasy and horror. It can be found at

Why are we hiring?

Beginning next issue Amithyst will be updated with a new issue every month rather than every other month as has been the case up until now. The reason for this is to provide readers with a more up to date source of information. However, in order for this to be possible we will need help in producing the Amiga content for the magazine. We have already taken steps to ensure the science fiction pages are substantial enough, and we are now looking to recruit another member to the Amithyst crew to help in writing Amiga content.

What do we need?

The person joining us would need to help in some of the following ways:

The more of these things that you can do the better, although we may end up recruiting several people to cover all bases.

What will you get out of it?

Fame (to a certain extent) and instant friendship with the rest of the crew! What more could you ask?

How can you apply?

Just send an email to with your name, email address and a list of the things that you think you could do for us.

Sam Webb
Editor, Amithyst Online Magazine

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