Jim Collas States Amiga Technology Brief to be Released on July 16 (Friday)

From: Jim Collas (jim.collas@amiga.com)
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Subject: Re: Amiga Inc. late again
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 1999 04:29:47 GMT
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Jim Farley wrote:
> Jim Collas mentioned in his Executive update posted July 1, 1999 that
> the Tech Brief would be released within a (*1*) week. I am posting this
> message on the 14th, *2* weeks and no Tech Brief. I realize this man is
> busy.... But Jim says he wants to be honest with the Amiga community,
> considering the massive rift caused by the QNX/Linux kernal debacle I'd
> think something like this would be be released.

I apologize for being late on this. Both technologists (Allan and Rick) were predisposed most of last week. Allan at a seminar and Rick with his daughter's wedding. I overlooked this in my time estimate. Additionally, the QNX/Linux communication mess has absorbed an extreme amount of my time. Both with the community and also with the press. The brief will be released late tomorrow and should be on our web site early Friday morning since our webmaster is in Germany.


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