Intrepid Communications Announces Update to CUCUG Member A2000HD Special

Please note: This is in reference to the CUCUG Member A2000HD Special offer we featured earlier. It turns out that the machines are actually a little nicer than originally published. If you are a CUCUG member you can save $50 and receive free shipping in the US/Canada. Join CUCUG today for only $10 and still come out better than $40 ahead!

From: "Chuck Joslin" (
To: "'Kevin Hisel'" (khisel @
Subject: RE: CUCUG offer
Date sent: Thu, 15 Jul 1999 16:33:42 -0400


Correction on the A2000HDs we have.

We got a batch of new machines transferred from storage today.

Turns out they are all KS/WB2.05 with Rev 6.3 motherboards.

We thought they were all 1.3 with 4.x motherboards.

Also, the GVP controllers are the 8MB RAM variety with 2MB onboard.

Better and better!

Please make this correction.



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